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Schools-iT are part of a large framework of assistance, from a full managed service, technical support or just a quick chat about what to do, try us its free to talk......

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Do Any Of These Ring A Bell ?

  • “ You are the ICT Co-ordinator, can we please get this sorted it just doesn’t work.”
  • “ I rang you last week but you still have not got this sorted, why? ”
  • “ Who can I ring now urgent to get this sorted, Ofsted are in tomorrow? ”
  • “ Why has no one told me about this before now, thats my lesson ruined? ”
  • “ What do you mean I don’t have the correct licences? But i need that software ”
  • “ I have no idea what you are asking me, I need advice first? Who can i ask? ”
  • “ All the students work has gone missing? What do I do? ”
  • “ How much do I need to budget next year, for ICT? ”
  • “ Are we covered when it comes to data protection legislation, and what if? ”

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Here are some of the services and ways in which we can help you get not just answers but results. By using our services these questions should never need be asked, instead we are able to advance beyond these mundane issues and provide what you need as standard, but further benefits as show below.

Read some of our testimonials here to see how we are doing on our road to assisting our current customers.

Schools-iT are specialists in providing all types of services to schools, government or private funded, at all levels from Primary, Secondary and 6th form. We offer various levels of support with Curriculum and MIS systems.

All our staff and engineers are fully CRB cleared , all fully trained in the systems we configure making a flawless transition between sites and competence levels to assist with any problem that you or your staff may have or face during day to day lessons.

We don't just save the headache and worries of compliance with strategies and budgeting constraints, we even make these easy, with the type, level and diversity of what we can offer thats why we have grown from strength to strength, building confidence in what we could do for you and more important in what you can do for yourself, with an ever growing customer base we pride ourselves on superb customer relations, that assists in the perfect delivery of education to our future.